Interlink different departments of the organization to make the work process smoother and faster.

We make world-class and cost-effective ERP Software for various industries, (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in Surat.

We provide budget friendly ERP and CRM solutions for manufacturing businesses and also for business who collect renewals for their products in Surat. Our tested ERP and CRM solutions cover wide range of important business operations like accounting/finance, inventory management, business intelligence, payroll, customer management, purchase/supply, support, sales, customer engagement forecasting, for various industries.

We understand that every business is totally different in terms of operations and has different needs when it comes to business management solutions like ERP and CRM in Surat. That is the reason we use distinct approach for each and every industry.

Not able to find your industry in the list above, don’t worry, we provide customized solutions for every industry, because we take the time and do the industry and business analysis with you and your team. Then we come up with various solutions that meet the specific needs for your business.














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Our Advantages

What advantages you will get if you choose to develop the ERP Solution with spreading technologies

Best ERP Solutions Provider

Robust solutions that provide end-to-end solutions to organizations and the right design and implementation right from starting till the end.

Excellent Customer Support

Experienced team of experts who will help you successfully implement the business solutions efficiently and effectively at really cost-effective price. And will provide amazing after sales support.

Deployed on Cloud Infrastructure

By using Cloud technology we provide solutions built on enterprise class architecture highly configurable applications and it also provide the easiness of monitoring as well.

Benefits of Implementing ERP Solution

What advantages you will get if you make an ERP Software and implement it in your Organization.
Department Collaboration

ERP improves the collaboration between different departments which is very important part of the business. When the data is moves in ERP software and become centralized and consistent, then it becomes easy for departments to work together.


The Major advantage you will get from Spreading Technologies’ ERP system is that you can access it from anywhere home, office, etc. And you will be able to access the centralized database right from your mobile device.

Increased Productivity

ERP software should increase productivity and save time, if you have implemented a redundant process in your organization it will cost you time and money, users will waste the time on other pressing projects and tasks. ERP system will increase the visibility of data and hence increase the productivity.

Scalable Resource

We provide structured ERP system that means it is very easy to add new users and new functions to grow the initially installed ERP system over time. When your business is growing and it needs more resources, the ERP software should be built in such a way that it should accommodate the growth.

Customized Reporting

ERP software brings easier ways to see and generate customized reporting. With more options and improved reporting capabilities, the organization will be able to reply to complex queries more easily. Users can generate their own reports they don’t have to rely on help from IT department

Cost Savings

Successfully built ERP software is capable in reducing administrative and operations cost. It allows all the manufacturers to manage operations proactively, prevents disruptions and reduce delays in the work, an ERP breaks up the information correctly

How we start making Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

Firstly, we understand the business properly by conducting meetings with board of directors, management, and employees and we take closer look into the process they are going through it may be a work process or a production process. Then, we prepare a detailed document according to our observation. We again conduct meetings with directors to get the document finalized and get the confirmation that what we are thinking and understanding is correct or not.

After that we move ahead with the technical part, we prepare the infrastructure and start creating masters and modules one by one. We make the users interface easy to use and understand for any laymen user. The project stays in development phase until we complete the entire document.

Then we begin the implantation and training part. In this phase we stay in loop until the ERP is completely implemented across the organization. Also, we provide training to employees on how to use and update the system, the same training is provided to directors also along with how to generate reports and analyze the data.

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What we expect from your side in order to make the Enterprise Resource Planning Software design and development process smooth and get the desired output for both of us quickly and easily!

  • Multiple Meeting time slots with management and employees both
  • Explanation of what un-managed process you are following at present
  • A small Q & A round with you and your team
  • Information about the company and its background
  • How many departments you have in your company
  • How do you manage communication between different departments as a boss
  • Your Customer persona according to you
  • Information about products and services the company is offering to its customers

The above information will help us make effective and strong ERP software for your company; we believe that amazing ERP software should be results driven. An ERP software should help you maintain the data of your company and should control the communication and make it easy to access for everybody across the organization

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. What Does ERP Mean?

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. Now what does and actually mean? ERP Software is developed to help small and large companies manage the operations of their business. It provides vast visibility of available resources; it may be time, materials, labors along with other aspects as needed. Companies use ERP software to streamline the process of their business like order processing, scheduling plant, keeping track of raw materials, compliance and reporting. It is competitive disadvantage if any company is not using an effective ERP system.

2. Is it true that an ERP software is just an accounting and finance software?

Most of the companies adopt ERP software when they realize that their current entry-level accounting software is not enough to handle core functionality, and they know that it is not easy and cost effective to scale the existing software. At Spreading technologies we build ERP software module wise, this way it becomes easy to implement small to large functionalities whenever required.

3. When is the right time to introduce an ERP software in your organization?

We believe pain is the most important motivator. Maybe it is taking too longer to process your financials and you are going only guesswork on your forecasts. And you don’t have any idea about how much stock is left at hand. You get too many complains from your customers.

Below are the points we think at this stage you should implement an ERP software in your organization

  • When it is taking double time to take decisions
  • When searching for information is taking too much of your time
  • Large amount of money it blocked in inventory and un-managed processes
  • You want to reduce complexity and make the system clear with single database and come to conclusions faster
  • When customer is suffering, you are not able to deliver what customer what at the right time. The ERP system can help you get the visibility and make you more customers responsive

4. We don't have knowledge about ERP? Can you help us make the requirements clear?

Selecting the right vendor may seem daunting task. If you need help in developing the list of ERP requirements we can help in this planning phase. We do not charge extra money for requirement gathering, it does consumes our time but believe it will make the final product more effective and most importantly it will make our customer happy.

5. Is it better to use Cloud-based ERP software?

The current trend it cloud, and for most of the companies moving their IT infrastructure to cloud reduces the need for in-house support structure, it also saves the cost of maintenance and server hardware. Cloud ERP can be scaled up as your business grow and can be reduces if modules and functionality is not needed. It is the easiest way to share information across regions and locations. But at the same time some companies might not be ready to move on third party cloud due to security reasons, they still prefer the on-premises ERP solution. We will help you choose the right one based on your organizational needs.

6. How exactly do we evaluate the ROI of setting up an ERP software?

Success will definetly very depends on the goals you want to acheieve. Some companies measure ROI in terms of cost and time savings achieved by making the automation of manuall work process, and getting the visibility of bottlenecks. While other companies look on the values of risk reduction and improvement of corporate covernance. The potential returns on investment can be seen in various verities of departments and processes.