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We make it all easy to handle and comfortable to work; sell your products effortlessly with our eCommerce website development solution.
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Creative Design

Creative design with already added shopping cart

Mobile easy checkout

Get more sales with mobile compatible shopping and easy checkout

Easy tools to do marketing

Get more customers by making yourself available on Google, Facebook and emails

Accept Payments

We support various payment methods, along with market leader’s payment gateway providers, also we make it work in synchronization with payment gateway and the online store.

Get Orders

Don’t worry about orders management of your online store because we have built a robust and cost effective orders management system in our eCommerce solution.

Ship your Products

Easily manage your shipments, make your parcel ready and ship it with your own selected logistics provider, we provide easy and effective logistics integrations.

Promote your store

Get more sales by promoting your online store with our integrated Marketing console that support your marketing ideas and campaigns, the email collection tool is also available.

Easy and fast checkout

We’ve built mobile compatible checkout process that helps you bring more sales and also helps the customers to complete the order without extra taps on screen. Overall we make buying experience easy to understand and follow.

Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop

Our experienced designers make sure that your eCommerce website is device compatible, that it looks equally beautiful on every device and work perfectly on every screen; Irrespective of any device may it be smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Track status of the order

Stay updated about the orders and see which orders are shipped, which orders are delivered. We support best in the industry logistics integration like Aramex, Gojavas, Dhl, Blue Dart, DTDC, First Flight etc.

Management made easy from mobile

Our mobile interface will be the life saver for you. Orders can be easily managed straight from your mobile phone, our admin app is having fast majority of options for admins to manage the eCommerce online store on the go.

Easy to use and customer friendly eCommerce website development

Custom order notes

You can give options to your customers on your ecommerce website. So that they can write special notes and comments. If they want to say something about the order.

Get customer details inside the order

See the complete details of the order within the admin panel of your ecommerce website. Like customer details, shipping address, billing address, payment information, and product information etc.


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Real Estate




Schools & Colleges


Clinics & Hospitals


Print & News

Payment Gateways and Payment processors we support.

We support all of these payment gateway providers, we integrate these gateways in our eCommerce website development projects.

Logistics Companies and Product Delivery Service Providers Integration

We provide the market leading logistics and product delivery service providers integration, also provide tracking.
How to choose logistics provider

Benefits of having an eCommerce online store

eCommerce website helps you run the online business with ease.

How we start making eCommerce websites (Online Stores)

Firstly, we want to understand your business needs, according to that we understand your categories and prodcuts, we do an analysis on how do you do marketing and promotion right now. we do this by discussing with you in person or over phone.
We also study and analyze your current online presence in order to check the weaknesses and strengths of your business. As soon as we collect those information, we will be ready to give you a detailed proposal that will illustrates how exactly we will give you web design solution according to your business needs.
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What we expect from your side in order to make the eCommerce website design and development process smooth and get the desired output for both of us quickly and easily!

  • Access to your current domain and hosting control panel if you already have one.
  • Your business logo and other related branding material.
  • Any text like punch lines, and product or services one liners or any other information that you would like to include on the website.
  • Any images, like marketing image, product image, service image etc. That you want to display on the website
  • And at least 3 to 4 customer testimonials
  • 5 Sample products with product name, description, 4 images, prices, options if any, colors, size etc.
  • Categories like: Men’s, women’s, kids, fashion, electronics, home appliances etc.

Above things will help us to make your eCommerce website more customers friendly, informative and easy to sales oriented. These are the information that you will anyway want to show to your customers.

We believe that a great website should be results driven, we make website that reflects your brand, spread awareness about your products and services, and should give good performance in search engines. Our team at Spreading Technologies design and develop the websites by working on these principles.

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. Why creating an ecommerce website in really important for business owners?

In today’s online world, buyers don’t have time to purchase things by visiting the stores physically. People mostly prefer check the products online on their mobile device / laptop or computer.  You can take advance of this market base by building an online ecommerce website for your business, also you always keep your customers posted about the latest products and services you sell.

2. What is the best platform i can use for the ecommerce website for my business?

Before you start your ecommerce website development process, consider some of the common things that help you choose the right platform. Consider the products that you are selling. There are ecommerce platforms that can manage inventory and lot of products filters and options, also there are platform that cannot manage these things. Consider the logistics partner, payment gateway, website security, SMS integration, features, and various integration tools, and of course pricing before you say yes to any ecommerce website development company

3. How can i manage marketing and promotion of my ecommerce online store?

There are lot of options to do the marketing of any ecommerce website, first things you can do is to spread your website URL among your existing customers, this will help you build the customer base. You have to put your website address on every advertisement you make, also you can take advantage of search engine optimization, that’s where most of people go to search things.

4. What factors to consider if i want to convert the browsers into buyers?

Make your ecommerce website that tends to be more sales oriented rather than marketing oriented. Put your products first; make them available on your ecommerce website in such a way that they see the products first instead of marketing material. Do not forget to add a Shipping policy and return policy on website as it creates a professional impression. Give your customers proper information about contact details, security, encryption and payment options you provide.

6. What factors to consider in order make the ecommerce website impressive and beautiful?

A beautiful website should operate smoothly and runs speedily from user’s perspective “User Friendly”. I other words the website should be easy to use for your customers and it should look attractive and professional at the same time. Make sure that order management is easy and fast you should be able to process orders without any delay. In case if there is any difficulty in processing the orders make sure you inform your customers via email that the service will be delayed.

7. How to maintain the security of the ecommerce website? What are the risks?

Security is always having three parameters: Availability, Confidentiality, and Integrity. It is very important for any online business owner to develop a strong and effective strategy that can help make the website as well as the transactions secure. Take strong measures for preventing any hacker gain access to the confidential data. Do not forget to add security encryption methods in all your transactions; Google gives high priority to encryption enabled websites.

8. Is there any size limit of products or customers database?

Not at all, you can upload unlimited products and categories, also you can get unlimited orders we have not kept any limit anywhere. The website is yours, you can use it however you want.