What to Look For In An E-Commerce Logistics Services Provider For Your E-Commerce Online Store?


A good logistics service provider will streamline your supply chain management process.

E-Commerce has evolved drastically over the past few years and to be sustainable in the plethora of the cut-throat competition, it is essential to use strategic shipping options. This shall help a great deal in cutting through the competition and increasing margins by notches. To have a good shipping process in place, in your E-Commerce Online Store, it is essential that there is impeccable coordination between different departments, ranging from the marketing to the fulfillment team. The basic goals of a fruitful logistics provider are to increase conversions, expand market and the target audience, decrease costs, improve operational efficiency and also increase the AOV (Average Order Value). Choosing the right shipping option can make or break your business, it can either empty the cart or fill it to the brim! So, have a look at these important considerations before you boil down to a logistics provider for your E-Commerce Online Store.

How flexible the logistics provider is?

Flexibility of the provider as the business grows. There are times of the year when the orders pass the threshold range. That’s in the time of flash sale or the festival sales. A good logistics provider will help you in these times of heavy rush.

How much experience do they carry?

Look into the experience that the logistics service provider has had in the business. Because E-Commerce Online Stores ship directly to customers, punctuality needs to be taken extra care of. They expect their order to arrive on time and exactly as described by you. To avoid any last-moment bloopers, look for someone who understands the intricacies of E-Commerce supply chains.

Scalability of the logistics provider?

Is the provider able to scale under heavy demand? If not, then please look for another one. This is because of the rising demand of online products with the sedentary lifestyle of people these days.

Are they able to deliver on time and under budget?

Main aims to choose a logistics provider are to reduce costs and decrease the delivery times. For this, choose a provider with strategic locations. For international shipping, look for companies that offer global freight forwarding and customs brokerage services.

Pricing and surcharges

Monitor closely into the pricing of the logistics provider, look for hidden costs and surcharges. This can be misleading and absolutely shattering for the business in future. Get this as transparent as possible.

Check the background and look for reputation

Do not forget about the reputation. Talk to companies and people who have worked with the logistics provider and how has their experience been. Word-of-mouth can make or break a deal, and it matters.

How technically sound and feasible they are?

Look into the technicalities that the service provider knows, for in the long run, you shall grow together. From harmonized tariff codes to customs documentation like export declaration, certificate of origin, the provider must get this sorted for you, effortlessly, with no unwanted surprises.

Check whether they use sub-contractors

Avoid sub-contractors. This a bait that can run you into loss for a very simple reason. In case of any glitch, you may not be able to communicate directly with your carrier and will result in a futile chase, so stay away from subcontractors and play safe.